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December 2001 Making medium- and high-sulfur coals competitive
November 2001 Black Thunder coal mine maximize production
November 2001 Dry coal cleaning with a MagMill
November 2001 Concept to meet quality specificatoins of coal on a per-car basis rather than on a trainload basis
October 2001 Determination of transition depth between slope and box-cut access for near-surface coal reserves
February 2001 Clean coal technology project cuts NOx emissions
February 2001 EIA report: How Clean Air Act Amendments affect coal transportation
October 2000 Site development over an abandoned coal mine
September 2000 Mountaintop-removal controversy slows West Virgina coal mining
September 2000 Foamed grout controls underground coal-mine fire
June 2000 Deep cut: ground control and worker safety in coal mines
April 2000 Dredges aid in coal mine tailings reprocessing