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April 2012 Obama administration looks to cut funding from Mine Safety and Health Administration in 2013
April 2012 Peabody recognizes its safest mines; Rawhide Mine in Wyoming and Illinois’ Gateway Mine win awards
March 2012 Dust capture performance of a water exhaust conditioner for roof bolting machines
December 2011 Refining automated modeling of operational data by identifying the most important input factors
November 2011 A deeper look at contractor injuries in underground coal mines
October 2011 Assessing small underground coal mines for high safety-related risk
October 2011 Dust control practices in Chinese coal mines, with remarks on black lung
September 2011 Benchmarking longwall dust control technology and practices
August 2011 Impact of bucket fill factor on dragline production rate and energy consumption
December 2010 Potential of roof screen to reduce workers' compensation costs
October 2010 Breaking the ice on the booster fan dilemma in US underground coal mines
September 2010 Evaluation of the wet head continuous miner to reduce respirable dust