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September 2013 Impact of face ventilation and nitrogen inertization on hazardous gas distribution in bleederless longwall gobs
August 2013 Role of gas pressure in underground coal mine bursts and bumps
July 2013 Risk management competence in Australia gets a boost from new software
June 2013 Mitigation and evaluation of the impact of a sandstone channel on a longwall face
May 2013 Tube bundle system for monitoring of coal mine atmosphere
March 2013 Flanders completes first North American dc to ac dragline upgrade
February 2013 Comments on "Coal workers' pneumoconiosis prevalence disparity between Australia and the United States"
February 2013 Minerals Education Coalition
January 2013 Optimizing an engineered slope conveyor system; An OEM/operator collaboration
January 2013 Theory and practice of fully mechanized longwall mining in steeply dipping coal seams
December 2012 Evaluations of a noise control for roof bolting machines
October 2012 Enhanced subsurface subsidence prediction model that considers overburden stratification