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September 2022 Assessment of floor heave associated with bumps in a longwall mine using the discrete element method
August 2022 Stochastic modeling of iron in coal seams using two - point and multiple-point geostatistics: A case study
August 2022 Wyoming looks for future of coal as decarbonization trends slow demand
August 2022 Stress redistribution in a longwall yield pillar – A comparison between active seismic tomography and theory
August 2022 Computational fluid dynamics modeling of a methane gas explosion in a full-scale, underground longwall coal mine
July 2022 Effectiveness of the CPDM in reducing overexposures to coal mine dust
June 2022 Faster underground mine development: Getting to first ore quicker using a novel noncircular tunneling machine
May 2022 Thermo-adhesive separation of coal and minerals — A novel process
April 2022 The postcoal transition in Germany and the U.N. sustainable development goals
February 2022 Post-mining – A holistic approach
December 2021 Measurement of thermal conductivity of sandstone using Lee’s apparatus: A case study
November 2021 Simulation of thermal effects on the flow field in a pilot-scale kiln