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June 2024 Women’s Mining Coalition advocates for mining issues at 2024 Fly-In
June 2024 The road to zero: The 50-year effort to eliminate roof fall fatalities from US underground coal mines
May 2024 Fatal accident analysis and hazards identification in Turkish coal-extracting industry using analytic hierarchy process
April 2024 Feisty keynote session kicks off MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference
February 2024 Distinct element analysis for the effectiveness of preliminary coal pillar rib support systems based on the strength-reduction method using coal mass
December 2023 There when you need them: Mine safety rescue teams prepare for emergencies
November 2023 A new rock mass cuttability classification for roadheaders used in coal mining
October 2023 WBGT prediction and improvement in hot underground coal mines using field investigations and VentSim models
September 2023 A review of current scheduling and design practices in the Powder River Basin
September 2023 Reinflation testing of inflatable friction rock bolts
August 2023 Projectile impact testing of a concrete coal mine seal rated for 120 psi
June 2023 Exploring the extraction of critical minerals from lignite coal in North Dakota