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October 2020 Innovation in the mining industry: Technological trends and a case study of the challenges of disruptive innovation
September 2020 Innovation: What does it really mean for the mining industry?
August 2020 New Products
March 2020 Web-based benchmarking in today’s mining industry; Advancing research and collaboration
January 2020 Solid bowl centrifuge technology makes tailings dams redundant
November 2019 Actual challenges and benefits of monitored rollers
August 2019 Comparing the implementation of two dust control technologies from a sociotechnical systems perspective
August 2019 If the technology fits: an evaluation of mobile proximity detection systems in underground coal mines
August 2019 In an age of digital disruption, how one company is staying ahead of the game
June 2019 Job site security: Risk management beyond gates, guards and guns
June 2019 New approaches and technology for tailings pipeline design and operation
March 2019 Intelligent monitoring system for improved worker safety during plant operation and maintenance