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October 2020 Regulatory training-needs assessment: Survey highlights industry trends and best practices
October 2020 The experience and management of fatigue: A study of mine haulage operators
September 2020 Innovation: What does it really mean for the mining industry?
September 2020 Academia poised to maintain high standards while continuing the evolution of teaching in a pandemic era
September 2020 Innovative products for mining; a look at what you would have seen at MINExpo
August 2020 The use of workers’ near-miss reports to improve organizational management
August 2020 Design and evaluation of the roof bolt corrosion test system in a simulated underground coal mine environment
July 2020 LED area lighting to reduce glare for roof-bolter operators
July 2020 Numerical investigation of the effect of a novel wet scrubber on dust reduction in an underground coal mine
June 2020 Forty years of NIOSH/USBM-developed control technology to reduce respirable dust exposure for miners in industrial minerals processing operations
June 2020 Cryogenic air supply for cooling built-in-place refuge alternatives in hot mines
June 2020 Helmet-CAM: Strategically minimizing exposures to respirable dust through video exposure monitoring