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February 2024 Recycling for the recovery of critical metals from LiCoO2 cathode material through methanesulfonic acid-citric acid organic leaching system
February 2024 Phosphorus – A circular journey from the ground to the recycling line
January 2024 Comparison of fire suppression techniques on lithium-ion battery pack fires
August 2023 Permitting challenges continue; Legislative efforts could provide relief
June 2023 Challenges of introducing lithium-ion batteries in underground mining
May 2023 Lithium Americas Thacker Pass project update presented at MINEXCHANGE 2023
August 2021 Thermal-runaway pressures of iron phosphate lithium-ion cells as a function of free space within sealed enclosures
June 2020 Leaching behavior of lithium from bauxite residue using acetic acid
July 2019 2018 Industrial Minerals Review
May 2019 USGS critical minerals review
July 2018 Industrial Minerals Review 2017
February 2018 Lithium: Boom or bubble? Projected demand sends prices skyrocketing