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July 2024 Environmental, social and governance considerations in production scheduling optimization for sublevel stoping mining operations: A review
April 2024 Sustainable tailings management: Reducing risk by considering environmental and utility costs during prefeasibility
April 2024 Simultaneous extraction of valuable metals from iron?containing residues by selective chlorination and evaporation
December 2023 Environmental Product Declarations — What they mean for the tunneling industry
October 2023 WBGT prediction and improvement in hot underground coal mines using field investigations and VentSim models
August 2023 Making iron directly from concentrate by gaseous reduction
June 2023 Eco-friendly collectors for flotation of fine hematite and malachite particles
January 2023 Environmental and social governance for the extractive industry in Canada
April 2022 Social license to operate is feature of MINEXCHANGE 2022
April 2022 Fundamentals and applications of green modifiers for froth flotation
January 2022 A new perspective of wet kata cooling power as a predictor for thermal stress in underground mines
November 2021 Effect of CaF2 on the reduction swelling properties of iron ore briquettes in different reduction stages