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June 2021 Field test-pad study to understand acid rock drainage and metal leaching potential from future stockpiles at the Bagdad Mine, Arizona
May 2021 Industry leaders turn to technology for improvements: Unlocking the power of people in the process
February 2021 Turbocharged work, agile methods break records, set new standards for Freeport-McMoRan
May 2017 Drill & blast implementation case study at multiple Freeport-McMoRan sites
January 2016 Dynamic unfolding-complex geology case study of Tenke-Fungurume deposits
June 2015 Water transformation: Turning liabilities into assets
September 2014 Pilot plant testing of a new process for rhenium recovery from copper PLS
September 2012 Climax Mine: Back in business after a 17-year layoff
October 2011 Better fragmentation through teamwork at the Dos Pobres Mine in Safford, AZ