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July 2023 Industrial Minerals review 2022 foreword
July 2023 Industrial Minerals review
July 2022 Industrial Minerals review 2021
May 2022 USGS mining review
July 2021 Industrial Minerals Review 2020
July 2020 Industrial Minerals review 2019
July 2020 Misconceptions, dreams and realities in the high-stakes game of rare earths
July 2020 Optimization of tellurium and antimony extraction from residue generated in alkaline sulfide leaching of tellurium-bearing alkaline skimming slag
May 2020 Managing gangue minerals comes to the fore at specialty symposium
May 2020 USGS critical minerals review
May 2020 Justifying API bentonite rheological behavior through its forming size fractions
May 2020 Numerical simulation of laboratory strength tests using a stochastic approach