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January 2022 Challenges and opportunities in rare earths; Developments could help restore a domestic supply chain
August 2018 A forward look into the US rare-earth industry; How potential mines can connect to the global REE market
March 2018 Recovery of valuable elements from Chinese coal byproducts
February 2017 Global iron ore production data; Clarification of reporting from the USGS
June 2015 Effects of major mining and geological factors on overburden movement and shield capacity in longwall mining
December 2013 China’s rare earth minerals: Reserves, supply and demand
January 2013 Theory and practice of fully mechanized longwall mining in steeply dipping coal seams
October 2011 Dust control practices in Chinese coal mines, with remarks on black lung
August 2011 Industry Newswatch
December 2003 China's coal industry at the crossroads
September 2001 Mining climate improves in China
June 2000 China and East Asia -- potential resources, specific projects