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The Great Debate

Who works harder? Who has more skill? Whose job is more important to the bottom line? Whose boots get dirtier?

The Great Debate is a series of monthly articles to spark that discussion. Find out how the National Mining Hall of Fame is involved.

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Hugh Miller

SME President's Page

It's difficult to believe that my term as SME President is quickly coming to an end. Barb Arnold and several past presidents warned me how fast the year would fly by and to not be overly ambitious in terms of the initiatives and strategic objectives I hoped to accomplish. It was sage advice that I wish I would have given more credence to, but as with most things in life, time always seems to be the limiting factor. I'll give the same advice to Bob Schaffer and hope he heeds the lessons learned by others better than I did.
While it's convention for the president’'s last article to primarily focus on the major highlights and accomplishments of the past year, I thought I would deviate a bit and instea ...
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