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Ron Membership in SME provides a variety of opportunities for professional growth. One of these is a member’s ability to be involved and take an active role in the Society. Member volunteers provide directions and insights from their experiences working in the industry, and together with staff, turn those inputs into value for the membership at large. Member volunteers help to organize the programing and technical content for approximately 10 to 12 conferences each year, including MINEXCHANGE, as well as serve on various technical committees to guide technical direction, select award recipients, participate in academic education and peer-review work for publication. It also takes many more members to present papers where they share their knowledge covering new developments and technology. These volunteers represent all areas of the industry and include experts from around the world. Volunteers are the backbone of SME, and their dedication to SME is fantastic.
SME’s professional staff are engaged full time to implement the SME Strategic Plan that guides the general direction of the Society and to make sure that SME follows good gov ...
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