Nuclear industry urges Trump administration to revive uranium mining with Cold War-era rule
September 10, 2019
White House to form working group to study domestic uranium production
July 15, 2019
Supreme Court rules that Virginia can block mining of nation’s largest uranium deposit
July 3, 2019
Commerce report could be a boost for US uranium companies
June 6, 2019
Saudi Arabi will open $22.7 billion mining project
November 21, 2018
Supreme Court to hear uranium mining ban case
November 5, 2018
Laws clearing the way for lithium deposit in Peru expected to be passed in six months
August 13, 2018
Mining groups look to Supreme Court to stop mining ban near Grand Canyon
March 12, 2018
EPA withdraws uranium mining clean up rule
January 5, 2017
Navajo Nation reaches agreement with Feds over uranium mine cleanup
July 20, 2016
Federal court dismisses Virginia company’s uranium lawsuit
December 2, 2015
Plans to expand uranium mine in Wyoming announced
September 16, 2015
Mining company files suit for right to mine uranium in Virginia
August 11, 2015
Energy Fuels receives permit for its Sheep Mountain uranium project
July 16, 2015
Details of Uranium One sale to Russian company investigated by The New York Times
April 27, 2015
Judge rules in favor of Energy Fuels' uranium mine near the Grand Canyon
April 9, 2015
Areva announces plans to begin processing uranium in Canada
October 10, 2014
Grand Canyon uranium mining ban upheld by federal court
October 1, 2014
Navajo Nation rescinds uranium project in New Mexico
July 23, 2014
Court sides with Obama administration in Grand Canyon claims case
May 7, 2014