Colorado officials meet with federal agencies to address water from inactive mines
April 1, 2016
Nevada agrees to Superfund priority status for Anaconda copper mine
March 30, 2016
EPA pushes for records on Pebble Mine
March 28, 2016
States and tribes put plans in place in case of flooding near Gold King Mine spill area
March 28, 2016
EPA chief faces tough questions at budget hearing
March 24, 2016
Natural Resources chairman says Gold King Mine was breached on purpose
March 2, 2016
Settlement talks over coal mines in the west to begin
February 17, 2016
Investigation finds that EPA coordinator knew of dangers at Gold King Mine
February 11, 2016
EPA gives Nevada deadline for Anaconda Mine site cleanup plans
February 11, 2016
EPA to issue new rules for hard rock mining cleanups
February 2, 2016
Nevada Gov. offers alternative plan to sage grouse rules
January 28, 2016
Mining water permits to be examined by Feds
January 20, 2016
New Mexico to sue EPA over Gold King Mine spill
January 15, 2016
Inspector General sides with EPA in handling of Pebble Mine
January 14, 2016
Colorado county agrees to $2.4 million plan for Gold King Mine spill remediation
December 23, 2015
House Oversight Committee challenges EPA ruling on Pebble Project
November 4, 2015
Good Samaritan protection rules introduced by House GOP
October 30, 2015
Report calls Gold King Mine spill preventable; blames EPA
October 22, 2015
House committee to probe EPA’s decision to block Pebble Mine
October 15, 2015
Contractor working for EPA caused second wastewater spill in Colorado
October 13, 2015