Northern Dynasty to file permit application for Pebble Mine
December 22, 2017
First Quantum agrees to option on Pebble Project
December 18, 2017
UN report calls for zero-failure goal for mining impoundments
November 27, 2017
EPA delays rules on wastewater from coal-fired plants
September 14, 2017
EPA moves to rewrite regulations on wastewater from power plants
August 15, 2017
EPA moves to cancel proposed restrictions at Pebble project
July 12, 2017
Supreme Court will not hear New Mexico’s mine spill case
June 27, 2017
Pebble Project receives key land use permit
April 12, 2017
Surface water permit issued for Back Forty Project in Michigan
April 11, 2017
EPA appointment offers a glimmer of hope for Pebble Project in Alaska
February 27, 2017
EPA ordered to consider impact of regulations on jobs
January 13, 2017
Gold King Mine and 35 mining sites added to National Priorities List for Superfund cleanup
September 7, 2016
Navajo Nation sues EPA over Gold King Mine spill
August 17, 2016
Criminal investigation into Gold King Mine spill confirmed
August 1, 2016
Navajo Nation reaches agreement with Feds over uranium mine cleanup
July 20, 2016
EPA proposes to add Gold King Mine and other sites to Superfund priority list
April 7, 2016
Colorado officials meet with federal agencies to address water from inactive mines
April 1, 2016
Nevada agrees to Superfund priority status for Anaconda copper mine
March 30, 2016
EPA pushes for records on Pebble Mine
March 28, 2016
Natural Resources chairman says Gold King Mine was breached on purpose
March 2, 2016