Investors pressure international mining companies on ESG issues
November 3, 2020
Gratitude, appreciation and giving thanks for the SME community we have!
November 19, 2020
Virginia Launches Largest Infrastructure Project in Commonwealth’s History
November 4, 2020
Hubble Telescope provides insight to iron and nickel asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion
October 29, 2020
Caterpillar funds new initiative at South Dakota Mines to advance mining technology
October 28, 2020
U.S. Gold announces exploration plans for Maggie Creek
October 28, 2020
Contract for two TBMs for HS2 project awarded
October 9, 2020
Armed police deployed to help protect mining companies in Mexico
October 5, 2020
Trump issues executive order to expand rare earths production
October 1, 2020
UCA award winners to be recognized at Cutting Edge
October 22, 2020
Brand new initiative selects Heather Lammers for SME Board of Directors Internship Program
October 22, 2020
Sandvik introduces autonomous concept and underground loader
September 30, 2020
Shift to virtual meetings and conferences has its benefits for SME members
October 8, 2020
Pebble Partnership CEO resigns after secret tapes released
September 24, 2020
Tesla plans to mine lithium in Nevada and phase out cobalt in its batteries
September 23, 2020
Top gold mining companies focused on ESG issues     Download article
September 21, 2020
Epiroc enables zero-emission operations in the subarctic wilderness
Press release - September 22, 2020
Cobalt demand to increase with addition of 5G technology
September 21, 2020
USGS begins work on critical minerals research in Nevada
Press release - September 18, 2020
General Kinematics STM-SCREEN™
Client-Provided Content - September 28, 2020