House votes to stop Obama's new coal mining rules
March 25, 2014
Murray Energy Corp. files suit against EPA
March 24, 2014
House passes bill that would limit EPA's uses of Clean Air Act
March 6, 2014
South African president tells mining companies to meet deadlines
February 14, 2014
First SME Congressional Fellowship recipient announced
February 13, 2014
Taxpayers are not getting enough support from US government on coal exports
February 6, 2014
Murray Energy Corp. suing EPA
January 28, 2014
Alaskan Senator speaks out against Pebble; Murkowski blasts EPA study
January 22, 2014
National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum appoints new executive director
January 15, 2014
Mining Engineering Congressional Fellowship application period opens
November 25, 2013
Minnesota lawmakers oppose US-based loan to Australian mining project
November 15, 2013
Resolution Copper land swap vote delayed
November 14, 2013
Resolution Copper will submit mine plans while it waits for word on land swap
November 12, 2013
Coal miner gives stirring speech at Washington, DC rally
November 1, 2013
EPA tour stop sparks pro coal rally in Denver, CO
William Gleason - October 31, 2013
Obama administration won’t back new international coal-fired plants
October 30, 2013
Lawmakers rally with thousands against “war on coal”
October 30, 2013
Mining companies respond to proposed tax increase in Mexico
October 29, 2013
Report says coal will surpass oil as dominant energy source by 2020
October 15, 2013
Obama administration proposes first-ever carbon limits
September 20, 2013