Australian magnate Rinehart takes stake in MP Materials
Reuters - April 10, 2024
MP Materials awarded $58.5 million to advance U.S. rare earth magnet manufacturing
April 1, 2024
MP Materials and Sumitomo Corp. strengthen rare earth supply in Japan
February 21, 2023
MP Materials reports third quarter results and begins Stage II commissioning
Press release - November 7, 2022
Biden administration announces plans to secure rare earth element supply chain
September 21, 2022
NioCorp’s Elk Creek project confirmed as the second largest indicated-or-better rare earth resource in the U.S.
May 20, 2022
MP Materials begins construction on Texas rare earth magnetics factory
April 22, 2022
MP Materials to build rare earth magnetics manufacturing facility
press release - April 12, 2022
Department of Defense awards heavy rare earth processing contract to MP Materials
William Gleason - February 22, 2022
General Motors announces $7 billion electric vehicle investment
January 25, 2022
Proposed bill would stop US defense contractors from buying rare earths from China
January 18, 2022
MP Materials to Build U.S. Magnet Factory, Enters Long-Term Supply Agreement with General Motors
December 9, 2021
Infrastructure legislation includes plans to rebuild rare earths supply chain
April 19, 2021
MP Materials reports a surge in profits after going public
November 24, 2020
MP Materials awarded technology investment agreement with the Department of Defense
November 20, 2020
MP Materials to become public company in $1.5 billion deal
July 16, 2020
MP Materials to boost US rare earths production
July 20, 2020
Reports say Pentagon has halted rare earths funding program
May 22, 2020
Efforts to reduce dependence on China for rare earth minerals hits a snag
April 22, 2020
China’s surge in rare earth production challenges United States and Australia
November 26, 2019