Long-term goals for Colorado mining Superfund site set by EPA
March 14, 2019
EPA finds no long-lasting damage from Gold King spill
December 11, 2018
EPA plans to complete reviews of Gold King Mine spill soon
March 13, 2018
EPA will not review Gold King Mine claims after state, tribe filed lawsuits
August 8, 2017
Supreme Court will not hear New Mexico’s mine spill case
June 27, 2017
EPA cleared of any wrongdoing at Gold King Mine by inspector general
June 13, 2017
EPA won't pay claims from Gold King Mine spill
January 16, 2017
Department of Justice asked to weigh in on Gold King Mine spill
November 28, 2016
Gold King Mine and 35 mining sites added to National Priorities List for Superfund cleanup
September 7, 2016
Navajo Nation sues EPA over Gold King Mine spill
August 17, 2016
Experts say mine spill has not affected fish but more studies are needed
June 28, 2016
New Mexico sues Colorado over Gold King Mine spill
June 23, 2016
New Mexico sues EPA and mine owners over Gold King Mine spill
May 24, 2016
Formal request for criminal probe of EPA over Gold King Mine incident submitted
May 3, 2016
EPA will shell out $1 million to reimburse states for Gold King Mine spill
April 29, 2016
EPA proposes to add Gold King Mine and other sites to Superfund priority list
April 7, 2016
States and tribes put plans in place in case of flooding near Gold King Mine spill area
March 28, 2016
EPA chief faces tough questions at budget hearing
March 24, 2016
Natural Resources chairman says Gold King Mine was breached on purpose
March 2, 2016
Investigation finds that EPA coordinator knew of dangers at Gold King Mine
February 11, 2016