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The Great Debate

Welcome to the Great Debate;                                                          VOTE

It’s time to decide who is the most important                                     TVOODTAEY 


Douglas B. Silver           In 3,000 B.C., the not-so-famous                   published in the pages of Mining Engineering,
                                      Roman geologist Sulphurius               will support this vital organization telling
    Vote                           Emanaceous said, “Without geologists,       mining’s national story while also allowing us to
  Today@                           there would be no civilization.” To         share a smile or two.
                                   which the equally unknown miner             Ignominious Terriblus replied, “Pone            Enter the Great Debate, where teams of the
   page/great-debate               pecuniam tuam ubique os tuum es”            world’s leading braggarts from seven different
                                   (Put your money where your mouth            mining sectors have been enlisted to brag, roast,
                                   is.). This began a multimillennium-         cajole and otherwise humorously make their
                                   year debate about which sector of the       case. Each month in 2020, Mining Engineering
                                   mining industry is the most important       will publish a sector’s position statement on
                                   to civilization. It is time to finish this  why it is the most important. In return, we ask
                                   debate!                                     you to prove the value of your sector by making
                                                                               donations in any amount, and as often as you
                                        Why, you ask? The mining               can, on the National Mining Hall of Fame and
                                   industry is a fraternity of men and         Museum website. The winning sector will be
                                   women dedicated to advancing                determined based on the number of donors
                        society — and the U.S. National Mining Hall            (points) and the amounts raised by the sector
                        of Fame and Museum (NMHFM) is the                      (dollars). Develop teams to enhance your
                        penultimate organization that celebrates those         sector’s chances of winning, challenge your
                        miners who have made significant and lasting           colleagues in other sectors to match or exceed
                        contributions to the industry. Its museum is a         your donation, utilize your employer matching
                        world-class educational venue for all ages with        gift programs to double your impact and ensure
                        fun, interactive exhibits, such as walk-through        your sector wins perpetual bragging rights. You
                        mine replicas and a lunar exhibit, dioramas of         will make a difference no matter how much you
                        mining techniques, historic maps, photographs          send in.
                        and tools. The museum houses thousands of
                        precious mineral, metal, and gem specimens.            Team Sector Leaders include:
                        NMHFM educates the public on why the
                        extraction of minerals and metals is necessary             •	 Douglas Silver: Representing
                        to support life in the 21st century and how                      geoscientists, geologists, geochemists and
                        modern mining has embraced responsible                           geophysicists (
                        mining and ecological processes and is utilizing
                        advanced technology to ensure the safety of                •	 Tim Arnold: Representing miners,
                        its employees. It needs our collective support.                  engineers and equipment operators
                        One of the goals of the museum is to be able                     (
                        to present to the public some of the new, game-
                        changing technology that has been developed.               •	 Marc LeVier: Representing metallurgists
                        In order to do so, the museum needs significant                  and processing people (marc.levier@
                            Our industry is also a business where life-
                        long friendships are forged through the nature             •	 Ruby Barickman: Representing
                        of what we do — and we like to have fun. So                      emerging leaders — those under 40
                        why not integrate fun with fundraising? This                     (
                        debate, sponsored by SME and NMHFM and
                                                                                   •	 Ann Carpenter and Kelly Ward:
       The Great Debate is intended to be a good-natured debate                          Representing women in the mining
  about the mining industry with a goal of raising funds for the                         industry (
  U.S. National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum. The opinions                             and
  expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily of
  SME or Mining Engineering. Each edition of the Great Debate                      •	 William Lipps: Representing
  will be available on Mining Engineering’s website. To get                              environmental, safety and governance
  involved in the debate, visit                           professionals (

18 jANUARY 2020    Mınıng engıneerıng	                                             We encourage you to get involved and send
                                                                               your best ideas to these thought leaders to
                                                                               fortify your sector’s position. Challenge your
                                                                               friends (even those outside the industry) to

                                                                                                                      (Continued on page 19)

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