April 2020
Volume 72    Issue 4

“It’s just common sense; why reduce the workforce pool by half?” WIM session notes progress and challenges

Mining Engineering , 2020, Vol. 72, No. 4, pp. 34-34
Ellis, Margo


In an industry that’s come a long way since its male-dominated beginnings, mining is still working hard to shed a stereotype and image that excludes women and diversity. Mining in the 21st century hardly resembles that of a hundred years ago, when a woman’s place was certainly not in an underground mine, legally or otherwise. Fast forward to February 2020 at the MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo in Phoenix, AZ and one glimpse at the program booklet reflects many of the changes that have happened in the intervening century. Or better yet, search for the word “women” in the SME events app from the conference, and get 17 results for various sessions, abstracts and events. One of these sessions, “International I: Women in Mining” was devoted to inspiring diverse populations — especially women and young professionals — to create their future in the mining industry. With a well-rounded panel of experts ranging widely in roles and sectors, the knowledge shared was invaluable.

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