General Kinnematics
August 2019
Volume 71    Issue 8

Nickel-copper mine uses air cannons to unclog chutes

Mining Engineering , 2019, Vol. 71, No. 8, pp. 38-38
Moody, Mike


No matter what type of ore is being extracted from a mine, mucking with front loaders can be accompanied by wet fines that cling to every surface. Once loaded into a hopper or conveyer transfer chute, viscous material can quickly build up on the walls to create bottlenecks, clogging the chute and causing expensive downtime.

Clearing material from hoppers, chutes, bins and vessels can be done using manpower and tools on hand, but safety experts recommend considering a solution that prevents exposing workers to potential hazards. Operators at modern mining sites, such as the Eagle Mine, located in Western Marquette County of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, understand that using specialized equipment reduces worker exposure, offers the safest mode of production and provides the most cost-effective lasting results.  

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