August 2019
Volume 71    Issue 8

Reclamation of Canmore Creek; Example of a successful walk away pit lake closure

Mining Engineering , 2019, Vol. 71, No. 8, pp. 20-20
Stephenson, H. Gerry; Castendyk, Devin


One of the most important environmental issues associated with contemporary openpit mining is the closure of mine pit lakes, and the perpetual legacy these lakes can potentially generate. Ideally, successful pit lake closure includes the following:

  • The water quality within the pit lake, plus surface water and ground water discharging from the pit lake, meets pre-mining or other acceptable water quality conditions of the receiving environment.
  • The termination of all active treatment processes.
  • The return of the pit lake to the government for long-term care and maintenance.
  • The release of the mining company from all future liabilities associated with the pit lake.
  • The return of the environmental bond to the mining company.
  • The reuse of the pit lake for some post-closure, beneficial purpose.  

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