September 2018
Volume 70    Issue 9

Pre-excavation grouting at the Hemphill site - Atlanta WSP Tunnel

Mining Engineering , 2018, Vol. 70, No. 9, pp. 107-107
Bedell, Adam; Horton, Konner; Del Nero, Don; Jones, Brian


The City of Atlanta’s Water Supply Program Tunnel project includes a 7,315-m (24,000-ft) long, 4-m (13-ft) diameter, hard rock tunnel. A complex aspect of the project involves connecting five blind bore shafts to the tunnel in a location close to current drinking water reservoirs. During the supplemental geotechnical investigation following initial contract award, results from additional borehole geophysics were reviewed. Unfavorably oriented fracture sets forced a change in the original pre-excavation grouting program designed for that site. Real-time grout monitoring and geophysical data were compared to provide assurance that the program, as designed, correlates with the in situ ground conditions. Following grouting, results were modeled, and all grouting data were reviewed to determine if grouting was complete.  

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