November 2017
Volume 69    Issue 11

Ball mill classification system optimization through functional performance modeling

Mining Engineering , 2017, Vol. 69, No. 11, pp. 18-18
McIvor, R.E.; Bartholomew, K.M.; Arafat, O.M.; Finch, J.A.


Since its development, the functional performance equation for ball milling (McIvor, 1988) has facilitated a new understanding of industrial circuit cause and effect relationships, leading to significant strides in operational performance. Success stories of this approach to plant circuit performance improvement are now too numerous to list. Finch and McIvor (circa 1986) also discovered that the functional performance mill grinding rate at the size of interest was the same cumulative grinding rate that is calculated from mill feed and discharge size distributions using a first-order rate equation. By calculating these cumulative grinding rates for all screen sizes, a complete ball mill model is generated (as used by Finch and Ramirez, 1981). Others in industry, Hinde and Kalala (2009), for example, have noted the same. Lacking the complexity needed to maintain their interest, most  

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