June 2017
Volume 69    Issue 6

Mining faculty across the globe; A glimpse into tomorrow’s opportunities

Mining Engineering , 2017, Vol. 69, No. 6, pp. 36-36
Tarshizi, Ebrahim; Sarver, Emily; Setterlind, Robert; Scopa, Zoe; Livernois, Ryan; Frost, Leah


The mines of the future present a host of challenges, which may appear exciting or daunting, depending on one’s perspective. Whether some sectors of the public recognize it or not, the demand for raw resources is not going away any time soon. In fact, it is rising, as the global population grows, urbanizes and attempts to steadily increase quality of life. Yet, at the same time that much of the highly developed world is calling for greener goods, reduced consumption and cleaner production, in other areas there are cries for clean water and sanitation, consistent energy supply, access to health care and education, personal security and support for basic human rights. The balancing act for sustainable development of our global society is, indeed, precarious and the mining community is a key player. Fortunately, many industry members have accepted this role and the responsibility to provide leadership and a solid foundation for progress. Looking ahead, we need new generations of leaders, including many mine engineers who are ready to tackle all sorts of complex problems.  

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