March 2016
Volume 68    Issue 3

A mining breakthrough; Preconcentration by sensor-based sorting

Mining Engineering , 2016, Vol. 68, No. 3, pp. 38-38
Veras, Moacir; Young, Aaron; Sampaio, Carlos; Petter, Carlos


Three major challenges for the mining industry are the minimization of energy use, water consumption and environmental impact. Therefore, any technique that reduces milling waste, decreases water usage and shrinks impact during mine life must be considered a major innovation in mining.

To these ends, one of the most impactful developments in mining within the last 10 years has been the expanded use of high technology sensors to create preconcentrations of mine ore (Jönsson, 2014). The most common sensors used are charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras, that allow through a red, green and blue (RGB) coloring system, the separation of minerals with different colors, tones and, in many cases, with differences in brightness 

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