November 2015
Volume 67    Issue 11

Providing value through automation in the mineral processing industry

Mining Engineering , 2015, Vol. 67, No. 11, pp. 36-36
Cook, R.E.


Mineral deposits require substantial amounts of energy to transport and be processed into usable form and, as such, present a real processing challenge in that the deposits are never homogeneous and orebody compositional characteristics are all over the map. Extracting the desired mineral(s) from the deposit at sufficient profit margin, despite severe fluctuations in market price, requires process automation architecture capable of supporting an integrated enterprise solution. Such an architecture will encompasses the activities of individuals, process units, process areas, plant level activities, mine management and business planning, and accounting systems. Key to the automation process is the aspect of value generation. This article brings together the various requirements for the automation of a mining enterprise and presents the different aspects of how to obtain value across the entire mining operation.  

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