April 2015
Volume 67    Issue 4

Wearable technology for critical notifications in mining

Mining Engineering , 2015, Vol. 67, No. 4, pp. 42-42
Chow, Edmund; Himmelman, Nicholas; Chan, Danny; Tafzoli, Shahram


While wearable technology has been garnering attention in the consumer market, enterprise and industry have just begun exploring its potential applications. Since February 2014, Motion Metrics International has been working in collaboration with Vandrico Solutions Inc. to apply wearable technology to improve productivity and safety in the mining industry.

This article discusses the value proposition of using wearable technology to deliver critical notifications in mining. The advantages and disadvantages of various form factors are explored. The challenges, both specific to mining and in general to wearable technology, are defined. Finally, the concept of MetricsGear, the first wearable technology platform developed for mining by Motion Metrics International in collaboration with Vandrico Solutions Inc., is described. MetricsGear is designed to notify the user with minimal distraction to keep the user focused on their primary task, and aware of mission-critical events. This focus and awareness allows the user to work more efficiently and safely.

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