March 2015
Volume 67    Issue 3

Improved safety for ground support installation in narrow vein mine conditions

Mining Engineering , 2015, Vol. 67, No. 3, pp. 46-46
Kendall, Bill


In coal mines, hand- held air, electric and hydraulic powered drills are used along belt conveyors, in single entry development, in entries where there are obstructions, and in longwall recovering bolting. In hard rock mines, pneumatically powered jackleg drills are typically used in narrow vein mining. Drilling and bolting in narrow confines has traditionally been performed with pneumatically or hydraulically powered hand-held drills or newer electrically powered hand- held hammer drills due to their low cost, simplicity of operation, and extreme flexibility due to their small size. Mechanized equipment has typically been too large, too expensive, inefficient due to the confined space, and too restrictive due to lack of flexibility for use in narrow confines.

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