October 2014
Volume 66    Issue 10

Aggregates and sustainability: Perspectives from Europe

Mining Engineering , 2014, Vol. 66, No. 10, pp. 32-32
Shields, Deborah; Tiess, Günter


Aggregate is an essential input to every economy, so governments need to ensure a sustainable supply of these resources through planning. There is also a need to shift from a linear economy to a more circular one, in which wastes are recycled rather than landfilled, so as to increase eco-efficiency. The purpose of the Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe (SNAP-SEE, SEE/D/0167/2.4/X) project is to develop a Toolbox for Aggregates Planning to assist governments and stakeholders in national, regional, primary and secondary, aggregates planning in southeast European countries. The Toolbox comprises documents on stakeholder consultation, data and analysis methodologies, a vision of best practices in aggregates planning and how to build an aggregates plan. The Toolbox will also support ongoing efforts to enhance minerals policy in the European Union (EU) as called for by the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials. 

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