July 2014
Volume 66    Issue 7

Industrial Minerals Review 2013

Mining Engineering , 2014, Vol. 66, No. 7, pp. 35-35


Editor’s note: Each year, Mining Engineering features an industrial minerals review. Several people put in a fair amount of time in developing the material for this issue, all the while doing their own jobs. Thank you to the industrial minerals annual review editor, to the Industrial Minerals and Aggregates Division technical committee chair and vice-chairs, and to the authors of the individual commodity profiles.

Jim Norman, member SME, of Tetra Tech, is the industrial minerals annual review editor.

Rajesh Raitani, member SME, of Cytec Industries Inc., is chair of the Industrial Minerals &Aggregates Division’s Technical Committee.

The technical committee vice chairs include:

Vishal Gupta, member SME, of FLSmidth, Agricultural Materials.

Joe Garska, member SME, of Imerys, ceramics and refractory materials.

Stanley Krukowski, member SME, of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, chemical raw materials.

Russell Winn, member SME, of R.E. Janes Gravel Co., chemical raw materials.

Justin Zdunczyk, member SME, of Plum Creek, construction materials.

Jerry Gauntt, member SME, of Golder Associates, fillers and pigments.

Ebrhaim K. Tarshizi, member SME, of the University of Nevada, sorbents, filters and process aids.

Daniel T. Eyde, member SME, of St. Cloud Mining, specialty minerals.

Their help makes possible this July industrial minerals issue. On behalf of ME readers, the editors thank them. 

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