June 2010
Volume 62    Issue 6

Industrial Minerals Review 2009

Mining Engineering , 2010, Vol. 62, No. 6, pp. 39-39


Four companies mined ball call in four states in 2009, H.C. Spinks Clay Co. Inc. (owned by Lhoist Group), Kentucky- Tennessee Clay Co. (owned by Imerys Group), Old Hickory Clay Co. and Unimin Corp. Production, on the basis of preliminary data, was 820 kt (904,000 st) with an estimated value of $39.4 million. That was a 15-percent decrease in tonnage from 967 Mt (1.1 million st) with a value of $44.3 million that was produced in 2008. Tennessee was the top producing state with 59 percent of domestic production, followed by Texas, Mississippi and Kentucky. About 71 percent of production was airfloat, 18 percent was crude and 10 percent was water-slurried.

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