October 2000
Volume 52    Issue 10

Georgia kaolin: development of a leading industrial mineral

Mining Engineering , 2000, Vol. 52, No. 10, pp. 0-6
Pruett, R.J.

The Georgia kaolin district is the world’s largest producer of kaolin. Georgia production tripled from 2.87 Mt (3.17 million st) in 1968 to 8.35 Mt (9.2 million st) in 1998. Development of the Georgia kaolin industry can be traced to the identification of the mineral resource, the adoption of innovative process technologies and the creation of markets for kaolin. Georgia kaolin is an abundant and high-quality resource that shows a range of advantageous properties. Technical developments in wet processing, delamination and calcination allowed production of high-value products. The use of kaolin pigments in the paper industry provided a market that absorbed the rapid growth in kaolin production.

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