February 2013
Volume 65    Issue 2

Miners get defensive at 2012 Northwest Mining Association meeting

Mining Engineering , 2013, Vol. 65, No. 2, pp. 34-34
Wortman-Wunder, Emily


Smart defense: that’s what the industry needs to play for the next four years, according to panelists at the 118th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Mining Association (NWMA), which met December 2-7 in Spokane, WA. The conference was well attended, with approximately 2,200 attendees, 244 booths in the two packed exhibition halls, and a rich offering of short courses, field trips, social events and technical sessions.
Speakers at the packed legislative session articulated many of the frustrations felt by members of the mining community after the U.S. elections in November, and offered words of advice. Matthew Ellsworth, the new Government Affairs hire at NWMA, stated it best: “Elections are like Christmas: you find out who’s naughty and nice – and it’s always going to come again.”

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