March 2012
Volume 64    Issue 3

New approach to developing the optimal mineral processing flowsheet

Mining Engineering , 2012, Vol. 64, No. 3, pp. 23-23
Hoffman, Glenn; Ripke, S. Jayson


Relax, the world today is not running short of many mineral commodities, even though prices are spiraling upward.  Einstein’s observation still holds true, everything is still relative, as long as one can pass on the incremental costs of production to the consumer.  However, a strong consensus exists among many of the companies comprising the minerals processing industry; that is, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the easy-to-mine, high quality resources that make juicy profit margins, which shareholders like.  For the most part, the resource cherries have all been picked, and established mineral processing companies that are exhausting their reserves, or in the process of looking to add reserves so as to create longevity for their company, have no recourse but to look long and hard at what were once considered the dregs of the earth. 


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