April 2024
Volume 76    Issue 4

Sustainable tailings management: Reducing risk by considering environmental and utility costs during prefeasibility

Mining Engineering , 2024, Vol. 76, No. 4, pp. 6-6
Kruyswijk, Jacob; Volt, Erik; Janisch, Jason


Minnesota’s iron range in the United States has a long history of iron ore mining. Many of the mines in the area have been operational for decades and have significant life of mine remaining.
Increasing pressure to reduce emissions, as well as the demand to improve environmental and social stewardship, has forced mining companies to look at alternative technologies for ore processing and tailings management. Significant investments in the development and implementation of sustainable technology are required to secure profitability of current and future operations. Investing in sustainable solutions may prove to be crucial to secure the license to operate in the coming decades. 

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