November 2023
Volume 75    Issue 11

Mine decarbonization through haul truck analytics and engaging front-line teams in the decision-making process

Mining Engineering , 2023, Vol. 75, No. 11, pp. 24-24
Bora, Alp; Koc, Erman; Parmar, Abhishekh Ashok; Anderson, Erik


A recent report from McKinsey & Co. revealed that the mining industry contributes 2 to 3 percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and plays a significant role in emissions reduction. Within the mining value chain, haul trucks account for 25 to 30 percent of the total Scope 1 carbon emissions, making it imperative for mining companies to seek innovative strategies to reduce carbon emissions or diesel consumption. For example, an average Caterpillar 270-t (297-st) haul truck consumes 170 to 227 L/h (45 to 60 gph) of fuel.  

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