May 2022
Volume 74    Issue 5

USGS mining review

Mining Engineering , 2022, Vol. 74, No. 5, pp. 22-22
Staff, USGS,


In 2021, the estimated total value of nonfuel mineral production in the United States increased by 12 percent, in nominal terms, to $90.4 billion, from the revised value of $80.7 billion in 2020. The estimated value of metals produced domestically increased by 23 percent to $33.8 billion, and the estimated value of industrial minerals produced domestically increased by 6 percent to $56.6 billion (Table 1).

Increases in the prices of most base metals, particularly copper, molybdenum and zinc, and a significant recovery in domestic iron ore production contributed to the 23 percent increase in the value of metal production in 2021. Several base metals reached record-high prices during the year amid global supply shortages and strong demand as economies recovered to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. The 6 percent increase in the value of industrial minerals was mostly due to increases in production of cement, natural aggregates and soda ash, commodities that are closely tied to the performance of the construction industry.  

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