June 2021
Volume 73    Issue 6

Hybrid metro station for mitigation of construction disturbance

Mining Engineering , 2021, Vol. 73, No. 6, pp. 96-96
Martin, Oliver


Capital cities of the world have made a common observation that large population increases have led to traffic congestion, unpleasant conditions
of life, downgraded economy and unsustainable development. They have invested in public transport systems constructed under tight urban constraints in order to maintain activity and mobility. The so-called quality of life has been exacerbated by competition and rankings by various journals and organization such as The Economist.

This article presents the concept of hybrid stations as developed or constructed in large cities to keep mobility and business unaffected during construction works. Large bored tunnels, large rock excavations, under-river construction provide interesting alternatives to traditional open-air construction. This article reviews a 20-year experience at Bouygues Travaux Publics of alternative station concepts to minimize construction disturbance and loss of mobility and economy during construction. 

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