January 2021
Volume 73    Issue 1

How abundant mining industry data solves long-standing challenges and leverages advancements

Mining Engineering , 2021, Vol. 73, No. 1, pp. 31-31
Chen, David


After centuries of study, geologists know to use the clues that are above the earth to make reliable predictions about what lies below. For instance, mining industry professionals know how to interpret the patterns on the exposed faces of rock walls in order to determine the underlying structure and geometry of the ores beneath. But that doesn’t mean those interpretations are always correct — and geologists would prefer to have more mining industry data at their disposal before making consequential decisions about how to best design a pit to maximize safety and yield.

Fortunately, that data has never been more abundant. Technological advancements make collecting, storing, analyzing and leveraging data possible on a massive scale. The current data-driven revolution has implications for several industries and mining is no exception.

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