December 2020
Volume 72    Issue 12

Boring a tunnel under a train station using ground freezing; Line 14-T03 -- extension of a subway line in Paris

Mining Engineering , 2020, Vol. 72, No. 12, pp. 86-86
Bouffier, Marc; Delmas, Louis; Lecomte, Benjamin; Buissart, Laurent; Gilbert, Christian


This article presents the outlines of the ground freezing works of the Line 14 extension project to the north of the Parisian subway in France. This project is one of the first in a long series of tunneling works managed by a company called Société du Grand Paris, which is in charge of the construction of approximately 200 km (124 miles) of tunnels and 68 subway stations around Paris. The subway lines will be opened, one by one, from 2020 to 2030. Package 3 of the Line 14-North project includes the creation of a subway station, three pedestrian accesses, a ventilation shaft and a 26 m- (85-ft) long rectangular tunnel linking the station and the shaft (Fig. 1).

This article focuses on the construction of the rectangular tunnel that joins the station and the shaft. The project will utilize artificial ground freezing due to a complex hydro-geotechnical context. 

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