July 2008
Volume 60    Issue 7

Laboratory and field evaluation of dust collector bags for reducing dust exposure of roof bolter operators

Mining Engineering , 2008, Vol. 60, No. 7, pp. 57-57
Listak, J.M.; Beck, T.W.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducted laboratory and field tests to evaluate the effectiveness of dust collector bags for reducing dust liberation and operator exposure from a roof bolter’s dust collection system. The laboratory tests evaluated the bag’s effectiveness to contain dust and the effect on canister filter loading in both a bag and bagless condition. The dust emissions from the collector’s exhaust were also measured in each condition during laboratory testing. Laboratory results show that nearly 100 percent of the test dust fed into the collector was captured by the dust bags. Loading and pressure drop on the dust collector’s canister filter is greatly decreased when using the bags, enabling longer periods of drilling without filter removal/cleaning. The field results showed that, even though dust standards were met, respirable dust in exhausted emissions was reduced around the bolter. Laboratory and field results show that benefits from use of the bags are realized in all areas of operator exposure.

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