December 2019
Volume 71    Issue 12

Selective-reductive leaching of manganese from low-grade manganese ore using tannic acid as reductant

Prasetyo, Erik; Purwaningsih, Eti; Astuti, Widi


Increasing demand for high-grade manganese (Mn) ore has led to the practice of selective mining, which produced low-grade Mn ore as waste and in the long term could lead to environmental pollution. Research had been carried out to extract Mn from low-grade ore, which mostly exists as black Mn(IV) oxide (MnO2). Most extraction methods involved the reduction of insoluble MnO2 to soluble Mn2+ in acidic media. Metals other than Mn are also transferred to the pregnant leach solution (PLS) during the leaching process, especially iron (Fe). Due to high Mn concentration in PLS, precipitation is considered the best method to isolate Mn from PLS compared with solvent extraction and ion exchange/absorption. However, due to unselective leaching, the presence of Fe in the PLS makes the Mn separation and purification difficult. Therefore, in this research, the parameters affecting the selectivity of Mn over Fe in leaching process were investigated.


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