April 2016
Volume 68    Issue 4

A preliminary evaluation of a through-the-earth (TTE) communications system at an underground coal mine in Eastern Kentucky

Mining Engineering , 2016, Vol. 68, No. 4, pp. 52-57
Jong, E.C.; Schafrik, S.J.; Gilliland, E.S.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19150/me.6548


A commercially available Through-the-Earth (TTE) communications system was evaluated at an underground coal mine in eastern Kentucky. This field study was conducted as part of a larger multisite evaluation of available TTE systems. The mine detailed in this paper was idled at the time of the study, which provided the nearest practical representation of a post-event mine shutdown environment. For this study, surface-to-underground and underground-to-surface communications were tested. Standard deployments of the TTE system using the manufacturer’s recommended procedures were able to achieve clear communications between underground and surface locations. Other arrangements of the units yielded mixed results. Future experimentation is planned to further examine the phenomena observed at this mine.

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