March 2003
Volume 55    Issue 3

In situ, anaerobic, biological immobilization of uranium, molybdenum and selenium in an alluvial aquifer

Mining Engineering , 2003, Vol. 55, No. 3, pp. 21-26
Nelson, B.N.; Cellan, R.; Mudder, T.; Whitlock, J.; Waterland, R.

Ground water contamination by metals and metalloids is a problem with few economical solutions. Ground water contaminated by metals has generally been treated by pumping, treating and then reinjecting or discharging. Typical treatment methods include membrane, chemical-precipitation and ion-exchange processes. These methods are costly. They result in a byproduct that must be disposed of. And they do not effectively remove or immobilize contaminants sorbed to the aquifer materials without pumping and treating multiple aquifer pore volumes. Due to the drawbacks of such conventional approaches, there is a need to develop alternative strategies.

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