April 2002
Volume 54    Issue 4

Environmental education in mining engineering curricula: perceptions of practicing engineers

Mining Engineering , 2002, Vol. 54, No. 4, pp. 22-25
Mutmansky, J.M.

The modern mining engineer is constantly reminded of the need to produce mineral resources without harm to the environment. This goal must be one that the engineer keeps foremost in planning and operating mines. While environmental issues are important to the mining engineer, many mining engineers do not have an extensive education in environmental topics. In assessing the reasons for this, the nature of mining engineering curricula is the first consideration. Mining engineers already have a broad orientation that limits the ability of educational institutions to provide courses in environmental science and engineering. However, this does not mean that the mining engineer should not have a sound environmental background. It may be logical to remove other courses from the curriculum to provide for education in environmental topics.

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