November 2000
Volume 52    Issue 11

Expanding role of microbiology in metallurgical processes

Mining Engineering , 2000, Vol. 52, No. 11, pp. 20-24
Brierley, James A.

The author has known Professor Wadsworth since the 1960s, when interest in the application of microbial technology for metallurgical processes was beginning its rapid rise. The development of bioleaching and mineral biooxidation was advanced, in part, by Wadsworth’s belief in the potential for its application, as well as by his numerous contributions to the understanding of the fundamentals of hydrometallurgy. Wadsworth is recognized for fostering research and development of the field and adding credibility to microbiological-based metallurgical processes, now often referred to as biohydrometallurgy. This Wadsworth Award is recognition of the field of biohydrometallurgy. It is an honor to serve as a representative for all those individuals involved in research and commercial development of this technology.

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