April 2000
Volume 52    Issue 4

Estimation of diesel particulate concentrations in underground mines

Mining Engineering , 2000, Vol. 52, No. 4, pp. 35-39
Haney, R.A.; Saseen, G.P.

Many mining operations, including coal, metal and nonmetal mines, use diesel-powered equipment in mining operations. Diesel powered equipment may be used to transport personnel and supplies, to load and haul material and to power various ancillary operations. The use of diesel-powered equipment in confined spaces, such as in underground mines, has caused concerns due to potential exposure to diesel exhaust. Because of the confined conditions, workers in underground mines can be exposed to diesel particulates (dp) concentrations far in excess of workers in other industries. Potential hazards from exposure to diesel exhaust range from eye and throat irritation to lung cancer. Many of these hazards are attributed to the fine particles in the engine exhaust. These particles have been referred to as dp or soot.

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